A foreign project of the Bergrettung Lech (Mountain Rescue Lech)

During a trekking tour in Bhutan (South Asia) we were made aware of a campus school in Linghsi. The school is located 4.000 metres above sea level – surrounded by numerous enormous mountains – and far away from any “civilization”. Special about this school is that the about 80 kids need to walk 3 to 4 days to school and therefore stay for several months at a time on the campus of Linghsi.

The campus consists of only one building without electric light supply and is absolutely reduced to a minimum comfort. The children sleep, eat and are taught in the building.

The only available water source is – despite mostly very low temperatures – outside the building.


We’d like to help the children!

Our aim is to improve the living and teaching conditions. The sanitary situation shall be thoroughly renewed and the children should be taught in human body care and hygiene. By knowing these basics the children can contribute to their own families’ and villages’ health.

YOU can help as well – with your donation!


Thank you for your support – Your Bergrettung Lech.